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At Connection Coach we specialize in helping your business or non-profit gain media attention through creative, relevant pitching, marketing & coaching. Are you interested in online dating?  Let our team, led by Chief Connector Laura Holka build a fun, interesting profile, choose flattering pics, help you pick the right sites for you & provide some messaging tips along the way.  


Our team is experienced in television producing, shooting, writing, hosting & selling for morning shows, news, sports & politics.  Whether it's business, dating or community involvement it's all about making those connections that lead to success. 


Our mission is simple: To help businesses & non-profits navigate through the changing world of television, the immediacy of social media & the importance of getting your message across in 3 minutes or less.  It is crucial to have an experienced, creative team behind you strategizing, coordinating & implementing the best plan for your success. Online dating is no different.  At Connection Coach we strive to help singles find love, romance, companionship or just a good time with the help of a great profile.

What We Do

Business Connection

Need a media coach? Learn how to market yourself, how to pitch to news outlets, and get access to our premium list of media contacts in the Phoenix Valley.

Dating Connection

Guaranteed to get you past the swipe-stage. Let us write your profile, pick your photos and put the best you out on the dating scene.

Community Connection

Your charity's next fundraiser can be an excellent way to raise money for your cause. Let's work together to let people know about it.

We Are Here to Help


- Media consulting & coaching - Marketing, websites, social media, commercials & branding - The art of the pitch - Best practices for writing a compelling press release

Online Dating

- Profile writing & photo optimization - What sites make sense for you and what you want - Individual guidance & tips


- Tips for pitching the media - Premium marketing opportunities - How to write a short press release

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Down to Business

It's time to take your business to the next level, and we're here to make sure you do it in the best way. We'll give you unbeatable media coaching, help you build a top-notch online presence and connect you with the perfect people to make your business soar.


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