Roses, chocolates and teddy bears are nice but they’re also so last minute, so unimaginative and scream “I’m sorry Honey but I totally forgot about today.” February 14th, Valentine’s Day, has a way of sneaking up on all of us so why not give yourself a break, relax and enjoy the day.

Here are some small acts of love perfect for Valentine’s Day romance that will be treasured, appreciated and remembered.
1. Breakfast in bed
2. Send sweet, short, sexy texts throughout the day
3. Leave love notes in unexpected places
4. Make a creative coupon book redeemable for naughty and nice fun
5. Recreate your first date at home
6. Give your significant other 3 hours of your undivided attention without interruptions or phones
7. Make dinner together, by candlelight, in your comfy clothes…or nothing at all
8. Watch your favorite romantic movie, open a bottle of bubbly and enjoy a night snuggled up on the couch
9. Scatter rose petals on the bed or take a bubble bath together
10. Never forget the power of compliments, touch, affection and kissing.


Yikes, Did You Really Say That?!

Yikes….Did you Really Say That?!

   I was watching a television interview this morning with a very well known author, who shall remain nameless, & was shocked!  The host asked him a question & instead of just answering he says “You’ll have to buy the book or come to my signing to find out”.  The interviewer tries another tactic & the author responds with “That’s a great question Bob but I don’t want to give anything away”.  As a producer I would not have been happy & probably would not have that author back.

There is a way of answering a question to peak a viewer’s interest without appearing rude or all you care about is selling books.  Here are a few suggestions….

  • “Yes, I did get my idea from a recent news story but changed the names, place & situation a bit. I’m so glad you asked me that & I’m sure it will make a bit more sense if you get a chance to read the book”.  That way you’ve answered the question & enticed the viewer to purchase your book for the more in-depth story.
  • You could also have said “I’m so glad you asked Bob because we’ll be going over that in greater detail at the signing tonight but suffice it to say I did get the idea from a recent news headline.” 
  • This is a possibility as well…”Great question Bob, I’m so glad you noticed the  similarity between my book & the story that was in the news.  However I do put a bit of a twist on it that you won’t want to miss.”

This is why it’s important to be media coached especially if you’ve never done a television interview. The coach or PR person can go over the kinds of questions you may be asked & how best to answer them, naturally, to intrigue the viewer.  You can also watch other interviews of authors you admire to get a feel for what works & what doesn’t.  Just remember…don’t be rude, answer the question but don’t give too much away & SMILE.

Good luck Authors!

The Chief Connector

Oh No Not That Picture!


Why is this the wrong picture to post on your profile? Surprisingly it’s not the women drinking…although for many that can be a red flag so be cautious.

The picture is wrong if you use it as your PROFILE shot, or the first photo people see, because we don’t know which one YOU are.  If it’s the only photo you use it may be a surprise when you meet your date for the first time since they thought you were one of the other ladies.  The best idea is to use a single photo of yourself smiling, possibly doing an activity you enjoy as your profile picture. Make sure it’s current, which means within the last year, not your favorite party photo from 10 years ago. That could definitely lead to confusion & tension when you meet! LOL!  Since it’s important your date recognize you, don’t go crazy with photoshopping perfection either.

On the other hand this is a great shot to include if you are using more than one photo (which you should…more on that later) since it shows you smiling & having fun with friends.  People are attracted to others that look happy…not blurry, sad, mean or just plain yucky.

So remember….whether you are looking for the love of your life or just a fun date for Saturday night don’t use group shots as your profile picture only a great single photo of the real you!

Good luck online daters!
The Chief Connector

Rebirth 2018

Sometimes you just have to say “Goodbye” “I’m done”
“Enough” and do what’s best for you.

Having the courage to walk away can be tough but rewarding & healthy in the long run. As my friend Susan would say, “Leap & the net will appear.”

So I have…taken that leap & quit my traditional television job & started my own business “Connection Coach”. We can help with your business presence in the media & online, provide online dating profiles/tips for success & increase awareness about your non-profit.

Welcome to Connection Coach!