Roses, chocolates and teddy bears are nice but they’re also so last minute, so unimaginative and scream “I’m sorry Honey but I totally forgot about today.” February 14th, Valentine’s Day, has a way of sneaking up on all of us so why not give yourself a break, relax and enjoy the day.

Here are some small acts of love perfect for Valentine’s Day romance that will be treasured, appreciated and remembered.
1. Breakfast in bed
2. Send sweet, short, sexy texts throughout the day
3. Leave love notes in unexpected places
4. Make a creative coupon book redeemable for naughty and nice fun
5. Recreate your first date at home
6. Give your significant other 3 hours of your undivided attention without interruptions or phones
7. Make dinner together, by candlelight, in your comfy clothes…or nothing at all
8. Watch your favorite romantic movie, open a bottle of bubbly and enjoy a night snuggled up on the couch
9. Scatter rose petals on the bed or take a bubble bath together
10. Never forget the power of compliments, touch, affection and kissing.


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