Yikes, Did You Really Say That?!

Yikes….Did you Really Say That?!

   I was watching a television interview this morning with a very well known author, who shall remain nameless, & was shocked!  The host asked him a question & instead of just answering he says “You’ll have to buy the book or come to my signing to find out”.  The interviewer tries another tactic & the author responds with “That’s a great question Bob but I don’t want to give anything away”.  As a producer I would not have been happy & probably would not have that author back.

There is a way of answering a question to peak a viewer’s interest without appearing rude or all you care about is selling books.  Here are a few suggestions….

  • “Yes, I did get my idea from a recent news story but changed the names, place & situation a bit. I’m so glad you asked me that & I’m sure it will make a bit more sense if you get a chance to read the book”.  That way you’ve answered the question & enticed the viewer to purchase your book for the more in-depth story.
  • You could also have said “I’m so glad you asked Bob because we’ll be going over that in greater detail at the signing tonight but suffice it to say I did get the idea from a recent news headline.” 
  • This is a possibility as well…”Great question Bob, I’m so glad you noticed the  similarity between my book & the story that was in the news.  However I do put a bit of a twist on it that you won’t want to miss.”

This is why it’s important to be media coached especially if you’ve never done a television interview. The coach or PR person can go over the kinds of questions you may be asked & how best to answer them, naturally, to intrigue the viewer.  You can also watch other interviews of authors you admire to get a feel for what works & what doesn’t.  Just remember…don’t be rude, answer the question but don’t give too much away & SMILE.

Good luck Authors!

The Chief Connector

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